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Barber Mind Ocean Hår Grooming

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Barber Mind Ocean hår grooming – tilfører håret ditt den siste touchen ved å tilføre panthenol tsubaki olje.  Denne har en fantastisk antioksiderende og fuktighetsgivende effekt.


Hvorfor velge denne?

Lett. Kan du forestille deg det helgen, arbeids dagen er ferdig og du er klar for fest? Let’s go, med denne blir du fort festens midtpunkt!



Opprinnelse: Italia

Hold: Medium


Om Barber Mind

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

When a great dream is so important as to come true, it means that it is based on passion, knowledge, professionalism and good will.Barber Mind was established precisely in this way, it stems from Hiroshi Vitanza aka Hiro’s dream. Passion and knowledge of the barber’s job since a very young age, a whole life dedicated to something which was a lifestyle before becoming a brand, to a way of thinking: the Barber Mind.The will to create a line of products 100% made in Italy, whose strong Roots are tradition, top quality, research and development, innovation, style and creativity.

This is precisely what we are trying to do: to preserve connections with roots, while innovating and creating something new.The only thing missing because the Barber Mind line was complete was a shaving line. For this reason was born Little Italy Shaving Delux Series, the highest expression of the way to see the barber. Father Gel Pre Shave, Son Shave Cream and Spirit After Shave Balm are inspired to the basics of the Made in Italy tradition reinterpreted as a trilogy of short stories.