Vikingr Gjafa 3 Skjeggprodukter Gavesett

Vikingr Gjafa 3 Skjeggprodukter Gavesett

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“No sir, if the vikings didn’t have it, we don’t want”

Her har  Thor (Þór) og Odin (Óðinn) funnet frem en oppskrift som mest sannsynlig er den de gamle vikingene benyttet.

Fantastiske produkter, som enhver ” viking” kan bli avhengig av.

Vikingr Gjafa 3 Skjeggprodukter Gavesett er et 3 delt sett fra Vikingr som inneholder godbitene Verja No.1, Halda Wax No.2 og en skjegg kam.

Med Vikingr Gjafa 3 Skjeggprodukter Gavesett får du produktene innbydende levert i en pose av strie for enklere oppbevaring.



1 x Verja No.1 30ml
1 x Halda Wax No.2 15ml
1 x Skjegg kam

Opprinnelse: Island

Om Vikingr

Vikingr was founded in 2014 by us, childhood friends Thor (Þór) and Odin (Óðinn) (no, we are not making that up, those are our actual names). We are both big history nerds that love our viking heritage and both of us love our beard and caring for it in the best possible manner. We decided to combine the two and came up with Vikingr, beard products based on the beard-caring traditions of vikings and Nordic men.

From the beginning we wanted vikingr to be a “no-bullshit” kind of product. We only use ingredients that we know and like, we never ship a recipe to production until it’s absolutely perfect, and we will never try to sell you anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.
Vikingr products are made using old, tried and tested methods and each one only contains a few carefully selected ingredients. You won’t find fancy foreign oils with funny names and you certainly won’t find any of those pesky additives like preservatives or coloring.
No sir, if the vikings didn’t have it, we don’t want it.
We’re funny that way, but so far it’s given us one hell of a product line… or at least we think so.

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